Octtane T1 Standalone ecu & Dashboard


Octtane's EFI-T1 programmable ECU comes with a colour touchscreen display and has essential functions to extract the maximum performance from your project with a great cost-benefit.
This unit is a full standalone ecu and digidash all in one, available in 4 languages, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.
Ideal for street, drag, turbocharged, N/A cars or any project that needs an engine manager with technology, robustness and quality.
The unit is very easy to setup, full wiring diagram is supplied, the menus are simplified and easy to understand, tuning is mainly made on the dash bu there is also a tuning software that you can use by usb!
This can also be sold with a Plug and Play adaptor for some cars, please send us a message with the details of your car so we can see if we can offer a plug and play harness adaptor.
We are the only importers of this product on uk/europe.
We Hold Stock!
Main features:
1- Supports Distributor and Missing Tooth Trigger wheels (60-2, 36-1, etc.);
2- VR and HAll sensors supported
3- Four ignition outputs allowing control of up to 8 cylinders with a Trigger wheel;
4- Two injection banks, allows up to 8 injectors per bench;
5- Semi-sequential injection for 4-cylinder engines (only with trigger wheel);
6- Idle control by ignition advance;
7- Start-up functions: Burnout, traction control by time, 2 steps, etc;
8- Integrated 16-channel data logger;
9- Free firmware update via USB;
10- Maximum rpm of 16000rpm;
11- Integrated MAP sensor from -1.0bar to + 6.0bar;
12- Simplified injection tables and complementary 3D table;
13- Closed loop by wideband or narrowband probe;
14- Resolution of the main Injection table of 0.001 ms;
15- Start of the engine by button on the screen;
16- Ignition reatard at rev limiter and/or boost cut;
17- RPM hold with ignition advance/retard;
18- Configurable liquid pressure sensors(oil etc etc);
19- Open Loop VVT;
20- Dwell x Voltage
21 - Back Fire
22 - Flat Gear Shift
23- Boost x Time
24- Progressive Nitrous
25 - Configurable inputs and outputs
26 - Multilanguage (Portuguese / English / French / Spanish)
27- Fully configurable without using a computer;
This kit contains:
1 Programmable Injection EFI-T1.
1 universal harness 3m 
1 holding support.