Volkswagen Audi Skoda Seat 1.8T AEB/AGU/AJL/ANB Plug and Play standalone ecu

Engine Code

Plug and Play standalone ecu for the Vw/Audi AEB and AGU (cable throttle) engines, the ecu will plug straight into the original harness and doesn't require any further wiring to get the engine running.

There is a 6 pin connector on the back of the ecu for extra inputs/outputs.
This ecu will control the IDLE by ignition advance (similar to what recent cars do), doesn't use the original idle motor like the original ecu.
Supplied with a basemap.
For VAG 1.8T engines with cable throttle and Motronic M3.8.2/4/5 not for ME7.5 or electronic throttle engines!
Most common engine codes: AGU, AEB, AJL,ANB
This ecu is for NON CAN-BUS vehicles only, doesn't control automatic gearboxes or CAN-BUS dashboards from cars after 99/2000, this will require a simple can bus module that we can include on the ecu but please get in touch with us.
Technical details.
  • 400kpa map sensor
  • Boost control
  • 16x16 ignition/fuel tables
  • Several correction tables(Dwell, IAT, cold advance etc etc)
  • Launch control (uses original clutch sensor)
  • Flat gear shift (uses original clutch sensor)
  • Full Sequential possible (only for 1 window CAM sensor)
  • Acceleration Enrichment by TPS or MAP
  • Nitrous Control
  • VSS
  • Thermo Fan control
  • Staged Injection
  • Sequential Fuel Trim
  • 0-5v input for wideband controllers
Uses tunerstudio for tuning (it is not megasquirt based)!
Any further questions just send us a message