Wideband Controller for BOSCH LSU ADV


The Bosch LSU ADV lambda sensor is the next generation wideband oxygen sensor. Compared to the older 4.9 (and 4.2) sensor the LSU ADV is more accurate at wider working temperature range. It also heats up quicker. 

It is now the recommended sensor for motorsport applications.


  1. Good visibility, fast response screen
  2. 0-5V Signal input or LDperformance digital signal (automatically recognised)
  3. Big digit size – 1 inch, instead of the common 0.56".
  4. Size: 78mm x 40mm
  5. 7.4 AFR to 25.5 measurement range
  6. Accuracy <0.1AFR
  7. Simple to install and operate
  8. 0-5V Analogue Output
  9. 100% Accurate digital signal between Controller and Display
  10. Smart warmup feature ensures long life of the lambda sensor.