Mad AFR- Wideband controller and display-LSU 4.9 With Bluetooth and Android APP

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New Mad AFR wideband controller and display with Bosch LSU 4.9 probe

Can be used as a tool for Professional Tuners or installed on a car for daily AFR monitoring Similar to the innovate LM1 LM2
0-5v analogue output to interface with any Standalone ECU

The New Bluetooth app for Android, allows you to connect to your Bluetooth enabled wideband controller and get a live feed from it straight to your phone or tablet

You can monitor your engine air-fuel ratio in 2 different units, AFR and lambda while keeping an eye on your sensor temperature as well.

The app has also a live graph that registers your air-fuel ratio and allows you to set a target line on your graph making it easier for you to tune your engine

or check if the air-fuel ratio is at the right value at a certain RPM range.

The RM Racing Electronics Wideband APP can be downloaded here: Download Android APP

The display gauge makes it easier to live tune any car while looking to the computer or dyno screen at the same time, the 0-5v output lets you connect the wideband to any standalone ecu and/or dyno controller.
LSU 4.9 Sensor (Bosch sensor element on Generic sensor assembly)
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