About us

Our company

RM Racing Electronics, Low cost racing Solutions are property of the company Rafael Matos Ltd, we are dedicated to provided our customers, racing pilots, racing teams and Motor Vehicle enthusiasts with high quality trustworthy electronic racing products.

Most of our products are hand build/hand assembled, custom made solutions that are not available on the market or are not affordable for the normal enthusiast.

Some of our products are based in Open Source Projects with tested over and over by hundreds of people in the world with a big team of developers contributing every day to get more and more functionalities competing close with the bigger brands, and some other products come from our own projects and engineering developments.We also offer generic products from well known brands.

We are a small company based in Leeds, Uk, we aim to grow on the market every day and specialise ourselves more and more into the Motorsports world, working and prioritising the research and development of new solutions bringing affordable products to everyone.