BMW E46 MS42/MS43 PNP M52TU M54 PnP Ecu, plug and play Standalone ecu RM-Primis


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    Primis by RM Racing Electronics is the most recent product fully developed by us.

    This standalone ecu comes with a lot of advanced performance features and fail-safe protections.

    --->>We are starting to build an online help center for the Primis, you can have a look at Primis Help Center

    This plug-in kit includes the RM Primis, harness adaptor for cars with Siemens MS42 and MS43 ecu's, ECU-Adaptor cable, USB cable, and other additional accessories you might add separately.

    The RM Primis offers full can bus control of all vehicle modules and is capable of controlling the ZF 5HP automatic transmission that comes from the factory on this vehicle without requiring any modifications, only compatible with GS20 TCU's

    Full control of all important engine management features including dual Vanos, canister (vent), DISA, PWM cooling fan, electronic thermostat and you name it!

    Please select on the Drop down menus if you want to add Drive by wire control (electronic throttle) and LSU4.9 wideband sensor.

    Some of these cars (especially the M52TU) come with cable throttle and drive-by-wire as well.

    Tuning/Dataloging software - RM-Tuner (proprietary)

    400kpa internal map sensor

    IGN channels - 6

    INJ Channels - 6

    GP Low side Outputs - 6

    GP High side outputs - 4

    VR sensor inputs - 1 or 2

    Digital sensor Inputs - 3

    Knock sensors - 2

    Wideband - LSU4.9 or LSU4.2 (NTK sensors being tested)

    Electronic Throttle - 1

    GP Analog Inputs - 8

    Dedicated IAT/CLT/TPS - YES

    Programmable inputs/outputs - YES (several rules available)

    Boost control - YES, Open/Closed loop PID (2 tables)

    VVT control - YES Open/Closed loop 2 channels

    IDLE control - YES Open/Closed loop, 1 or 3 wire valve and Ignition control mode

    ANTILAG/Launch control/Boost By Gear - YES

    *the Primis is not directly compatible with the Ibus on the E46 to receive the A/C ON request, control over the A/C has to be made through a GND signal.

    Many more advanced features, please enquire.

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