Wasted Spark Coil Pack With Internal Igniters


    Very good with strong spark


    An OEM style 4 cylinder wasted-spark ignition coil with built in 2 channel ignition amplifier (ignitor) for use directly with Adaptronic or other ECU's that output a low corrent positive trigger. These coils produce a very healthy spark, much stronger than the average 4 cylinder Zetec coil, etc. This is in part thanks to the in built ignitors removing the losses you might normally have in the low tension circuit of a normal 'dumb' coil. The 4 pin plug for this coil pack is available seperately if you require it. They accept the common M4 (4mm pin inside turret) type HT leads.

    Coil pack mounting requires that the unit is earthed, ideally bolted to the engine block or body earth at least. With this coil pack there are 3 mounting holes, they should be earthed by using bolts that screw directly into a plate or mounting that is earthed. The unit also has an in-built safety timer to protect itself in the event of a perminant live (or inverted ignition output) being present on one or both of the inputs. The 4 pin plug should be wired as follows: Pin 1 - trigger 1 (cylinders 1&4) from ECU Pin 2 - 12v ignition power Pin 3 - trigger 2 (cylinders 2&3) from ECU Pin 4 - ground HT leads are marked A,B,C & D on the coil which represent cylinders 1,2,3 & 4