BMW M50 Plug and Play Standalone ecu 320i, 520i, 325i, 525i


    BMW E30 E36 M50 M52 M54 M43 M42 Plug and Play Standalone ecu


    Full Plug and Play Standalone ecu for any of the following models

    BMW M50 & M50Tu Plug and Play Standalone ecu

    ----> For E46 Click HERE <----

    This unit includes a internal map sensor, 400kpa and extra inputs and outputs;

    Compatible with all Bosch ECU's (for MS40.1 siemens M50B20Tu) please send a message aftr placing your order

    Launch Control

    Flat Gear Shift

    Flex fuel sensor

    Fan control

    Boost control


    Wideband controller input from aftermarket wideband 0-5v

    Can be purchased with internal wideband controller for bosch Lsu 4.9.

    Compatible with Vanos and NON Vanos engines

    Basemap for Turbo or NA engines

    Map or Alpha-N mode, dual fuel tables for ''hybrid mode''

    Free Tuning Software Tunerstudio


    Autotune (requires Tunerstudio paid Version)

    Compatible with VR and Hall Crank/Cam sensors

    Plugs on the Original Wiring Loom

    Custom made

    Due to many requests, the wideband controllers are now external to offer more flexibility to the user.

    Specific References


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