Ford Zetec PnP Plug In Plug and Play Standalone Ecu 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 EEC-V


    Plug and Play Standalone ecu for all zetec engines with EEC-V Non can bus vehicles

    -Plugs on original Harness, no wiring needed

    -Uses all original sensor and coilpack

    -Includes basemap for engine start

    -6 pin connector for extra inputs/outputs including 2 more ignition outputs to run individual coilpacks

    -Launch control

    -Flat Gear shift

    -Totally adjustable

    -Compatible with all setups like turbo, ITBs etc etc

    -400kpa map sensor included

    -Fast USB connection

    -Uses free Opensource firmware Totally updatable

    -16x16 Fuel and Ignition Tables

    -Corrections for safety, air temperature, coolant temperature etc etc

    -Compatible with external wideband controllers with 0-5v outputs

    -Output for Boost Control

    This product is assembled on the Uk, it uses a donor ecu which electronics are removed and new electronics installed, which makes it very easy to be installed as a replacement for the original unit.

    This product is produced for motorsports/off road use, any road use is buyer's responsibility.

    -Not 100% compatible with mk1 Focus, Not For ST170 focus

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