Ford CVH RS Turbo & XR3i & XR2i 16v & RS2000 ''OFAB'' replacement PnP Standalone ecu


    Ford CVH RS Turbo & XR3i & XR2i & RS2000 16 ''OFAB'' replacement PnP Standalone ecu

    This is our own version of a replacement unit that plugs on the original loom in any of the cars mentioned on the title.

    The ecu controls both fuel and ignition and it doesn't use the EDIS module, it only requires 4 wires to be connected from the connector on the back of the ecu to the EDIS module connector (and remove the module) in order to get the crank sensor signal and ignition coil control!

    This solution will modernize the engine management on your car with minimal modifications as we all know these cars are going up in price.

    The unit also counts with a built in 400kpa map sensor, built-in ignition amplifiers and several other extra inputs/outputs.

    It can also be used with individual coilpacks that can be wired to the extra port on the back of the ecu!

    -Includes basemap for engine start

    -6 pin connector for extra inputs/outputs including 2 more ignition outputs to run individual coilpacks

    -Launch control

    -Flat Gear shift

    -Totally adjustable

    -Compatible with all setups like turbo, ITBs etc etc

    -400kpa map sensor included

    -Fast USB connection

    -Uses free Opensource firmware Totally updatable

    -16x16 Fuel and Ignition Tables

    -Corrections for safety, air temperature, coolant temperature etc etc

    -Compatible with external wideband controllers with 0-5v outputs

    -Output for Boost Control

    This product is assembled on the Uk, it uses a donor ecu which electronics are removed and new electronics installed, this makes it very easy to be installed as a replacement for the original unit.

    This product is produced for motorsports/off road use, any road use is buyers responsability.

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