PSA Peugeot Citroen 306 GTI single plug Marelli 1AP.10 PnP Standalone ecu


    Plug and Play standalone ecu for the Peugeot/Citroen Engines equiped from factory with Magnetti Marelli 1Ap.10 55 pin Single Plug 306 GTI ,the ecu will plug straight into the original harness and doesn't require any further wiring to get the engine runing.

    There is a 6 pin connector on the back of the ecu for extra inputs/outputs.
    Supplied with a basemap.
    Technical details.
    • 400kpa map sensor
    • Boost control
    • 16x16 ignition/fuel tables
    • Several correction tables(Dwell, IAT, cold advance etc etc)
    • Launch control (uses original clutch sensor)
    • Flat gear shift (uses original clutch sensor)
    • Full Sequential possible (only for 1 window CAM sensor)
    • Acceleration Enrichment by TPS or MAP
    • Nitrous Control
    • VSS
    • Thermo Fan control
    • Staged Injection
    • Sequential Fuel Trim
    • 0-5v input for wideband controllers
    Uses tunerstudio for tuning 
    Any further questions just send us a message

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