Opel/Vauxhall X16XE X16XEL X14XE PnP Standalone ecu Corsa GSI


    Plug and Play Standalone ecu for all Opel/Vauxhall Corsa GSI, Nova, Calibra, Astra, Cavalier, Vectra, Tigra with engines X16XE X16XEL X14XE with Multec-S ecu from factory

    Includes internal 400kpa map sensor for boosted applications, can be used with ITB's as well as boosted and OEM Manifold applications.

    Plugs on the original loom and doesn't require any wiring.

    Basemap Included

    Launch control and flat gear shift available, require a switch.

    Boost control can be added through the 6 pin connector on the back of the ecu.

    Compatible with wideband controllers with a 0-5v output

    Free Tuning software and installation instructions provided by email.

    Works with wasted spark coilpacks and allows upgrade to be able to control individual coilpacks. Plugs on the original harness and uses the original engine sensors.

    These units are custom built by us using an original unit where all the electronics are removed and our new standalone ecu board is installed and connected to the original ecu connector making it a full plug and play solution.

    For more details please get in touch

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