Universal Standalone ecu Wire-In RM-Primis by RM Racing Electronics


    Universal wire-in Programmable ECU, Standalone Ecu

    Wiring Harness

    ''Primis'' by RM Racing Electronics is the most recent product fully developed by us.

    This standalone ecu comes with a lot of advanced performance features and fail-safe protections.

    We are starting to build an online help center for the Primis, you can have a look at Primis Help Center

    The RM-Primis allows you to control engines from 1 to 12 cylinders (6 cylinders full sequential and up to 12 in wasted spark and batch fire mode)

    The ecu comes with a female connector and terminals by default, if you wish to add a 3mt long universal harness please select on the drop-down menu.

    Tuning/Dataloging software - RM-Tuner (proprietary)

    IGN channels - 6 (controls up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark/wasted COP)

    INJ Channels - 6 (controls up to 12 cylinders in batch fire)

    GP Low side Outputs - 6

    GP High side outputs - 4

    VR sensor inputs - 1 or 2

    Digital sensor Inputs - 3

    Knock sensors - 2

    MAP sensor - Built In 400kpa

    Wideband - LSU4.9 or LSU4.2 (NTK sensors being tested)

    Electronic Throttle - 1

    GP Analog Inputs - 8

    Dedicated IAT/CLT/TPS - YES

    Programmable inputs/outputs - YES (several rules available)

    Boost control - YES, Open/Closed loop PID (2 tables)

    VVT control - YES Open/Closed loop 2 channels

    IDLE control - YES Open/Closed loop, 1 or 3 wire valve and Ignition control mode

    ANTILAG/Launch control/Boost By Gear - YES

    Many more advanced features, please enquire.

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